About Us

The Pre-law Society at Baruch College is a club founded to better serve Baruch students interested in law. By organizing workshops and panels and providing Baruch students with resources and various opportunities in law, Pre-law Society intends to accomplish its main goal and assist the Baruch student body in a positive way.

This website helps Baruch students interested in law by doing the following:

  • providing information about Pre-law’s upcoming events;
  • highlighting important resources, news, and information for students considering law school;
  • assisting students in researching law schools and LSAT preparation programs;
  • informing prospective Pre-law members about the process of joining Pre-law Society;
  • and featuring law classes at Baruch College and any law-related activities taking place at Baruch.

We meet throughout the school year on Thursdays from 1 to 2:30 in Room 8-155 at Baruch College. Occasionally, we will have events on Tuesdays and work with other clubs on their events, but we’ll notify our members and e-mail subscribers of any upcoming events in which we’ll be involved. Hope to see you there!


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