How to Join

Regular Membership

By attending our weekly meetings and co-sponsored events with other organizations at Baruch College, you can become a member of Pre-law Society. As a member of Pre-law Society, you receive updates on all events and activities in which Pre-law Society is involved. Additionally, you can help Pre-law Society plan and run some events if you’re thinking of joining our E-Board or if you’re just interested in helping the club succeed.

E-Board Membership

Every year in the Spring semester, we send out applications for all positions in Pre-law Society to our email subscribers. It is recommended for prospective E-Board members to attend most of our weekly meetings and events, so that we know that you’re interested in law and you’re willing to participate in Pre-law Society.

Also, included with the application is sending in your resume so we can learn a little bit about your background and experiences.

After filling out the application and sending your resume to us, we will contact you for an interview. After we interview you, we will finalize our decisions on new members, and we’ll contact you with a decision thereafter. We’ll make the application available in the Spring semester, so be patient and we hope to hear from you then!

For tips on editing your resume, please consult the Starr Development Career Center at Baruch College. They host workshops and seminars that are a great help to anyone looking to polish up their resume.


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