Law at Baruch College

In addition to offering business and non-business undergraduate courses in law, Baruch College provides its students with law school advisement and various opportunities to learn more about law. Click on the links below to find out more.

Baruch College’s Pre Law Handbook – Baruch College’s Pre-law program provides this valuable resource to anyone interested in law school. The very first sentence of the Handbook states that this “pre law handbook is intended to give answers to some basic questions about considering and applying to law school.”

Program at the Department of Law of Baruch College – If you’re certain or just a little bit interested in law, Baruch College offers a wide variety of law-related courses through the Zicklin School of Business. Click here to learn more about minoring in pre-law, undergraduate courses at the Department of Law, and graduate courses at Baruch College.

Courses Offered for Law Minors at Baruch College – Baruch College offers three different types of undergraduate law minors: Law and Policy, Business Law for business majors, and Law and Business for non-business majors. Click here to learn more about each minor and the courses you can take to fulfill the minor’s requirements.

The Max Berger Pre-law Program at Baruch College – This link provides a basic overview of the opportunities that the Max Berger Pre-law Program offers to Baruch College undergraduate students. The program serves as an excellent opportunity for students to discover more about law through law school visits, mentoring, advising, etc.


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