This page features some links to check out for anyone looking for more information about law school, the LSAT, and other related topics.

U.S. News Law School Rankings – The U.S. News Law School Rankings website displays various ways to rank the top law schools in the U.S. This a great resource if you want to apply to law school but you’re unsure of where to apply and how much certain law schools would cost.

Law School Admissions Council – Through this website, you can register and prepare for the LSAT, obtain information about applying to law school, and search through the website’s law school database to find the right law school for you.

Law School Forums – These forums provide great LSAT study tips, prep course comparisons, etc. Discuss your experiences about topics related to the LSAT and law school here – or, if you don’t have any law-related experiences and you’re just curious about law school, ask in the forum. (Or ask US about that!)

More Law School Rankings – Because adding one law school-ranking website wasn’t enough, here’s another website that we wanted to feature for the sake of comparison. Choosing the right law school can be difficult, and the Pre-law Society at Baruch College wants to help you as much as possible in making that decision.


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