Pre-law Society’s mission is to better equip students with the tools and resources to embark on the process of applying to law school. We intend to maximize the potential of each member in the law school application process by bringing in law school admission deans, distinguished lawyers as well as LSAT instructors to host preparation workshops.

Additionally, students are given the chance to interact with one another and with the hosts of our panels, providing students with legitimate contacts and helping them prepare for their futures in law.

This organization hosts panels on most Thursdays throughout the school year to achieve our goals. We host a variety of panels, featuring the following hosts:

  • Attorneys
  • LSAT preparation course instructors and representatives
  • Present and past law students
  • Alumni from Baruch College currently working in law
  • Law school representatives
  • Financial aid specialists
  • Law journalists

These panels have successfully assisted prospective law students decide on their career paths, discover career and job opportunities, and learn as much as they can about law. Furthermore, through these panels and other on-campus activities, Pre-law Society fulfills its mission fully and instills knowledge, integrity, and work ethic in its members.


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